Sunday, 12 July 2020

Welligton Zinefest ZINE 101

Our friends at Wellington Zinefest have created this awesome ZINE 101 online course to encourage people to get involved in zine making. Check it out here, especially the course by Kathleen Winter about political zines.

There is also a "Newbies Market" where new and emerging zine makers can show off their works. It runs on Sunday, 19 July, 12-4pm at the Vic Uni School of Design Innovation, 139 Vivian St. 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

aargh! Issue 12 is out

We had this issue almost ready to go back in March - and then COVID happened and half our articles were obsolete. So here it is now, only slightly out of date because APEC was moved to be an online conference just after we printed it.
Get your copy at the shop, contact us if you want one sent by post or download the PDF here.