Saturday, 9 December 2017

Just in – Huia books

We’ve just received a shipment of books from Huia Publishers, at special mid-year summer holiday prices.

Here’s a small selection:

The Struggle for Māori Fishing Rights: Te Ika a Māori
By Brian Bargh

This book claims that four pou or elements significantly assisted in the recognition and eventual recovery of Māori fishing rights: The Treaty of Waitangi; the courts; The Waitangi Tribunal and the resilience and tenacity of Māori people, who never gave up fighting for what was right.

Polynesian Panthers: Pacific Protest and Affirmative Action in Aotearoa NZ 1971-1981
By Melani Anae, Leilani Tamu, Lautofa Iuli

The Panthers organised prison visit programmes and sporting and debating teams for inmates; provided a halfway-house service for young men released from prison; ran homework centres; and offered ‘people’s loans’, legal aid and food banks that catered for 600 families at their height.

Māori and the Environment: Kaitiaki
By Rachael Selby, Pātaka Moore, Malcolm Mulholland

This collection of articles discusses the impact of changes in Aotearoa New Zealand's natural environment due to factors such as climate change, pollution and degradation of waterways and land, pest control and environmental management policy.

Colonising Myths: Māori Realities
By Ani Mikaere

This book brings together a series of papers by Ani Mikaere that reflect on the effect of Pākehā law, legal processes and teaching on Māori legal thought and practice