Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Manus Refugee Crisis – pamphlet and poster available

The situation of the refugees who have been abandoned by Australia on Manus Island is getting worse by the day. They have been without food, water or medical supplies for 19 days now and many of them are acutely ill. On Saturday, the supposedly safe new camp in Lorengau was invaded by locals, armed with knives and machetes, who turned the electricity generator off.

We need to get them here now! The Freedom Shop has put together two resources that can help spread information and raise awareness.
A twelve-page A5 pamphlet titled “The Manus Refugee Crisis – the story so far” provides a bit of background on the Australian detention policy and the history of the Manus camp, before giving a day-by-day chronology of the events since the closure of the camps on 31 October.
Download the un-imposed (good for reading on a screen) version here and the imposed (good for printing) here.

The fold-up poster “Welcome Refugees” is a quick-read info sheet and call to action, on the back of a poster. There are two versions with different designs to download here and here (you will need to trim the edges a bit to be able to fold them).

Please download, print and spread (or forward the link). Talk to your friends about actions to take.

Jacinda Ardern’s timid offer to take 150 of them if Australia agrees is not enough. And her plan to spend $3m on making the new detention centre in Lorengau more humane is simply the wrong thing. The refugees want freedom, they don’t want a nicer prison. We need to #BringThemHere!

If you’re on Telegram, subscribe to the Manus Alert channel. Follow Peace Action Wellington and Auckland Peace Action on Twitter.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wellington Zinefest this Saturday

It's that time of year again!

Wellington Zinefest is happening this Saturday, 18 November, 11am - 4pm at the Wellington High School Hall, 249 Taranaki Street and of course we will have a stall there.

There will be a collaborative DIY table at the market open to anyone who wants to contribute to Wellington Zinefest's collaborative zine for 2017. Pens, paper, glue, scissors and other making materials will be provided. Feel free to add a page or two of your original work to this zine!

See you there!