Saturday, 21 October 2017

2018 Planners - Slingshot, Bottled Wasp, Just Seeds & more

The Freedom Shop are ordering in calendars, diaries and planners for 2018. If you want one, let us know by 31 October - email us:

Slingshot Organiser
Slingshot Desk Planner
Slingshots come in a variety of colours and two different styles: the Slingshot Organiser (small-sized) and the Slingshot Desk Planner (large) The respective prices will probably be around NZ$12 & NZ$22.
Information about the Slingshot collective can be found here: 
The Bottled Wasp isn't out yet but is due to be released any day. It's the same size as the small Slingshot and is put out by Brighton ABC.

There's also Certain Days calendar, Just Seeds organiser and a Verso diary.
If you can let us know by end of October - and also ask around friends & whanau. We'll do an order November 1st.
email us: