Saturday, 1 April 2017

From Activist to 'Terrorist' - Jake Conroy

Come along on Tuesday 4 April at 7pm at 17 Tory St and have a chance to talk with Jake Conroy, one of the SHAC 7 (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA).
Jake will talk about his experience of state repression and the US prison system.

Jake was one of the members of SHAC imprisoned for several years after campaigning to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences. Their campaign didn’t involve bombs or arson, rather they campaigned to break the financial ties that Huntingdon had with other corporations. They also ran a website on which they posted news about the campaign — legal actions like protests and illegal actions like stealing animals from labs.

They were imprisoned for  'reporting on and encouraging others to engage in legal  demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action'.

For more info about the SHAC7:
SHAC7 & Sometimes We Had a Brick

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