Sunday, 11 December 2016

aargh issue 7 online now

aargh issue 7 is now online and can be downloaded here

When we picked the theme What is anarchism and how do we get there we thought this would be a positive, uplifting collection of articles. We should have known better. A look at the world around us should have been enough: millions fleeing from war and terror, and more terror being inflicted on those who thought that they had escaped, children being tortured in the hell hole of Nauru as part of a policy of deterrence, homelessness and poverty becoming rampant even in a relatively rich country like NZ.

So what are we supposed to think of a world where you get into trouble for eating food instead of throwing it away? What do you do if the act of dreaming seems to be too concrete, but you don’t want to give up hope? How do you escape the daily urge to waste your energy fighting against yet another neo-liberal austerity measure? 

A common thread of angst, frustration and anger runs through  this edition of aargh!, but there is also a thread of determination and willingness.