Monday, 24 October 2016

New Tee-shirts at the FreedomShop

We've got new tee-shirts
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Sunday, 2 October 2016

aargh! issue 7 is out

The latest aargh! is available in the Shop - the theme this time is What is anarchism and how do we get there. 

The issue opens with a letter written in 1934 by American anarchist Lucy Parsons. It’s a bleak letter - Lucy writes ‘Anarchism is a dead issue in American life today. Radicalism has been blotted off the map of Europe. … Radicalism is at a low ebb today. We are living in strange times. Despotism is on horseback, riding at high speed. The worker is helpless; he has no voice in his mode or method of life – he just floats along on the tides of ill times.

Most of the articles in this edition of aargh! are also bleak, but it is worthwhile remembering that just two years after Lucy wrote in her letter that 'radicalism has been blotted off the map of Europe', revolution burgeoned in Spain. So read this issue and ponder - what is lying around the corner for us?

Come to the Shop to get your copy, or if you're not in Wellington, get in contact with us via email or normal post and we'll send you one. They cost $2 each.