Saturday, 9 July 2016

Saturday, 9 July
 - Two Films & Exhibition

Join us for the third day of the Spanish Revolution exhibition

Saturday 9 July 

Open from 10am -

  • 1-2pm: Mujeres Libres - film screening ‘Toda la Vida’ followed by discussion

Toda la Vida' (All our Lives) is a film about Mujeres Libres. Angered by the sexism of their male comrades and by their marginalisation within a revolution that was supposed to offer liberty to all - women organised themselves. Mujeres Libres, formed in 1936 with a membership of over 30,000,  fought for both female emancipation and social revolution, arguing that the two had to be realised side by side. As well as fighting and dying at the front alongside men they set up schools, shut down brothels and engaged in popular education in both urban and rural communities. 

  • 7pm: movie screening ‘La Lengua de las Mariposas (Tongue of the Butterfly)
Described as a movie that makes you think, 'Tongue of the Butterfly' captures the relationship between state and church in mid-1930s Spain and the time when the revolution becomes devoured by the civil war.

Sunday's programme is:

Sunday, 10 July

Open all day from 10am
  • 4pm: Mark Derby will talk about New Zealanders who went to Spain. Mark’s the author of ‘Kiwi Compañeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War’ and ‘Petals and Bullets. Dorothy Morris: New Zealand Nurse in the Spanish Civil War.’

  • Mark’s talk will be followed by a screening of Ken Loach’s ‘Land and Freedom’.

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