Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wellington Winter ZineFest

There is going to be a Winter zine market at Thistle Hall in Wellington
from 12-5pm on Saturday 18th July at Thistle Hall.

The Freedom Shop will be there with a range of old and new zines, including:  Are we all New Zealanders now? A Maori response to the Pakeha quest for indigeneity //  The Myth of Passivity //  Tino Rangatiratanga; The Treaty of Waitangi Today // Troublemakers: Anarchism and Syndicalism: The Early Years of the libertarian movement in New Zealand //  Why Reject the Treaty? A Maori-Pakeha Viewpoint //  Anarchy: The Transmogrification of Everyday Life //  The Myth of the Queue // Bougainville: Independence Must Come Up //  For Kanak Independence: The fight against French rule in New Caledonia //  Juggling the Rainbow //   Out Here: Personal Writing from Queers in Aotearoa //  Luca //  Midnight Cowgirl //  The Murder of Tamasese //  Museifushugi: A brief history of Anarchism in Pre War Japan //  Radicle: Anarchist writings on justice, faith and class //  The Nervous Triggermen: Samoa's Struggle to end New Zealand's Colonial Rule //  Not Afraid or Ruins //  and many more.

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