Saturday, 6 December 2014

2015 Organisers

We have a handful of 2015 Slingshots and also the Bottled Wasp in the shop.

Slingshots are $8.00

Slingshots have been going for 21 years now. For a look at the Collective that makes Slingshot, visit their homepage:

The other organiser we have this year is 'The Bottled Wasp'.

The Bottled Wasp has been going for three years now, it's produced in Britain by the Brighton ABC.

This year's theme is the International Anti-Fascist Struggle (previous editions featured Radical Arts and Prisoner Support).

The Bottled Wasp is $12.00

If anyone is interested on working on an Aotearoa organiser for 2016, send an email to the Shop as some members of the FreedomShop are keen to get an Aotearoa specific organiser up and running.

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