Monday, 7 April 2014

Film Screening - 'Sedition' - 24 April

Sedition: The Suppression of Dissent in World War II New Zealand

Introduced by producer/director Russell Campbell.

The People's Cinema / Thursday 24 April, 6.30pm

After the carnage of World War I many New Zealanders formed a movement committed to rejecting war as a means of settling international disputes. When World War II broke out, government and pacifists were on a collision course; and Communists, too. There was active opposition to New Zealand’s involvement in the war. The government would brook no dissent. Anti-war campaigners were fined and imprisoned, and eight hundred conscientious objectors were incarcerated in detention camps for the duration of the war. Sedition tells their story.

Biography: Dr Russell Campbell is an adjunct professor in film at Victoria University of Wellington and a documentary filmmaker with Vanguard Films. Among his films as director or co-director are 'Rebels in Retrospect' (about the Progressive Youth Movement of the Vietnam War era), 'Islands of the Empire' (on New Zealand's military relationship with the United States), and 'Wildcat' (the story of a struggle for democracy in the Timberworkers Union).

Details of the documentary:
Vanguard Films
Producer/director/writer: Russell Campbell
Director of photography/sound recordist: Shane Loader
Editing: Russell Campbell, Shane Loader
Music: David Long, Steve Gallagher
Narrator: Carmel McGlone
140 minutes, Exempt
Winner: New Zealand Media Peace Awards, 2005

What: Sedition
Where: The People's Cinema
When: Thursday 24 April, 6.30pm