Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Books

New books are on the shelves - just arrive from AK Press, we have numerous historical, biographical, theoretical and practical titles. The books include some of the latest published plus reprints of old classics.

Edited by self-described 'feminist warriors not perfectionists', Dear Sister contains lessons, memories, and vision of over fifty artists, activists, mothers, writers, and students who share their stories of survival or what it means to be an advocate and ally to survivors.

Those speaking in the book include a professor in the Midwest US, a poet in Belgium, an escapee from a child prostitution ring, an advocate in the Congo, and a sex worker in San Francisco. Dear Sister touches on issues of feminism, love, disability, gender, justice, identity, and spirituality.

It is described as a multi-generational, multi-ethnic collection of letters and essays. Read an excerpt from the book here.


We also have a copy of Sophie Lyon's 'Queen of the Underworld' - first published in 1913, it is now being reprinted and re-read.

Sophie Lyon's spent six decades working as a bank robber, shop-lifter, and prison escaper. She was described by one New York police officer as 'the most expert and dangerous woman crook he had ever met.”

In 1913 Sophie retired and became a prison activist and at the time of her death, was described in main stream media as a 'philanthropist'.

A book also looking at people who work outside the system, includes 'Bandit' by Eric Hobsbawm. Originally published in 1969, it was reprinted and substantially extended by Hobsbawm in 2001.

Bandit is described as "a study of 400 years, and four continents, of robbers and outlaws, avengers and champions of social justice. Robin Hood, Rob Roy, Jesse James, Sabaté, Pancho Villa, the Balkan haiduks, Indian Dacoits, and Brazilian congaceiros." Bandit is a book that reframes 'bandits'. Bandits are identified by Hobsbawm as 'the noble robber, the resistance fighter and the terror-bringing avenger'. They are 'the manifestation of peasant protest and rebellion'.

Come and browse the new range of books - and also check out the new tee-shirts and stickers in stock.

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