Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wellington Anarchist Bookfair & Week of Anarchy

The Wellington Anarchist Bookfair will be a day of Anarchist ideas, anarchist books, anarchist pamphlets and zines, anarchist badges and patches, anarchist posters - that is, lots of anarchist paraphernalia and ephemera and the Freedom Shop will be there. 

But the Bookfair is more than a Bookfair: a Week of Anarchy begins on Monday 10th March with an introductory discussion on the history of anarchism in this land; the next night features local anarchist community groups; the Wednesday will be individual anarchists talking about their work at a local community level; the Thursday is a talk by anarchist author Michael Schmidt ('BlackFlame' and 'The Cartography of Anarchy'), and Friday will be the opening of the Bookfair.

And throughout the week there will be an exhibition of printing, posters, art, magazines, badges and whatever else to portray visually some of the different protest and organising activities that have gone on over the years.

Keep an eye on the Wellington Anarchist Bookfair site for up to date and developing details.

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