Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Books!

We have just received two cartons of new books at the Freedom Shop. Included amongst the books is just published 'Undoing Border Imperialism' by Harsha Waila - a book about migration, state control and state violence. In the book Harsha urges people organsing against border imperialism to be aware of the illegal settlement and appropriation of lands throughout time, the book ends with a discussion on decolonisation. More about 'Undoing Border Imperialism' can be read here.
"What I am trying to say is that working in solidarity with someone does not preclude us from, but rather requires us to, challenge behaviors that are sexist, homophobic, or capitalist. This is based on the recognition of one another as changing individuals. It is through these dialogues and demands for accountability that we aim to work toward a world free of oppression, while struggling for all people to live with dignity and safety."
- Alex Mah, Excerpt from Undoing Border Imperialism

"The precarity of both labor and social organization are intertwined and cyclic: capitalism requires precarious and exploitable workers to facilitate increasing capital accumulation, and creates those precarious lives through hierarchies of systemic oppression along with its coercive extractions of labor and dispossessions from land."
- Harsha Walia, Excerpt from Undoing Border Imperialism

Another recent publication is Michael Schmidt's 'Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism' in which the global history of anarchism is divided into five waves, beginning in Mexico in 1868 and ending at the present. Each chapter begins with a map situating in place the anarcho struggles at the time, the first wave features New Caledonia.
"Part history, part manifesto, Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism is a succinct and insightful polemic. Michael Schmidt has distilled a vast literature on anarchism to demonstrate that anarchism is a historical movement with deep roots in the working class and continuity into the present. The book is lively, with equal measures of pragmatic judgement and hope; it is plainspoken, powerful, and thoughtful. Activists and scholars interested in anarchism will find here much to contemplate and debate and take to heart."--Mark Leier, author of Bakunin: A Biography

Other books include: 'Captive Genders' by Nat Smith & Eric A. Stanley; 'Debt: The First 5,000 Years' by David Graeber; the classic 'Black Flame', co-written by Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt; the 2nd edition of 'The Philosophy of Punk' by Craig O'Hara; and several art books, including 'Reproduce and Revolt! A Graphic Toolbox for the 21st Century Activist' - a book with over 300 social justice and political activism illustrations and graphics.

 We also have ready for 2014 'Just Seeds' and 'Slingshot' planners and diaries:

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