Tuesday, 1 October 2013

imminent rebellion

The latest edition of 'imminent rebellion' is here.  

Imminent Rebellion is an irregular anarchist journal published by Rebel Press. This issue includes:
  • ‘Pirates’ vs Pirates: Somalia through the eyes of a German court 
  • Lizard’s Revenge - action against BHP's uranium mine at Olympic Dam in South Australia
  • Loomio: Making self-organised governance convenient
  • The Trial - a description of the 'Urewera 4' trial
  • Never Ceded: An interview with Marianne Mackay
  • Hot and Hotter: The Sex Worker Freedom Festival
  • Up a Mighty River Without a Paddle
  • Unpicking Arcadia: Philip Josephs and early NZ anarchism
  • An Interview with the Kurdish Anarchist Forum
  • The Aftermath: The fight to save Glen Innes

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