Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Film Screening in Support of Marie Mason

Wellington people are showing a screening of 'If a Tree Falls' in support of Marie Mason, an imprisoned activist in the United States.
The film will be shown at:
the People's Cinema on on Friday, 25 October 2013 at 6.30pm.

"Our world is faced with some tremendous problems: climate change, war, racism, sexism, colonialism, pollution, deforestation, genetic engineering, corporate exploitation...the list could go on and on. There are millions of people who have taken action to stop these in-justices and bring about a better world. Many of them are sitting in prisons serving long and difficult sentences for standing up for their belief in justice, their desire to stop a wrong or for daring to fight back against systematic oppression and exploitation.
From the United States, to Russia to New Zealand and everywhere in between, political prisoners, those who have been imprisoned for holding, advocating or acting on dissenting political views, are with us and are part of our social struggles.
For those of us who care about these wider social issues, we have a responsibility to stand in solidarity with political prisoners. We have a responsibility to provide aid and support to them, and to struggle for their freedom. They are the imprisoned captives of injustice."

The Freedom Shop has zines and books about prison, prison abolition and 'political' prisoners.

For more info about Marie Mason, check out

Preview the film 'If a Tree Falls': a story of the Earth Liberation Front

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Reds & Wobblies - a talk by Jared Davidson

On Tuesday, October 22, at 5.30pm at the National Library, corner Molesworth & Aitken St, Wgtn, as part of the centenary of the 1913 Great Strike, Jared Davidson is giving a talk on working-class radicalism and the state between 1915 and 1925.
It was during these years that the NZ Government enforced a strict censorship regime to fight what they perceived as the threat of political and industrial unrest. The mail, literature, and speeches of radicals – especially the Industrial Workers of the World (known as the Wobblies) – came under state scrutiny, and led to raids, arrests, and deportation of those deemed seditious.

The talk by Jared will ‘Reds & Wobblies’ highlight the actions of a government fearful of social revolution in a time of worldwide turbulence, and discuss the working-class radicalism that caused such fears – from IWW stickers to the deportation of Noel Lyons.
Jared is the author of two books stocked by the Freedom Shop: 'Sewing Freedom' and 'Remains to Be Seen'.

 Both books focus on the growth of anarchism in the early 20th century in New Zealand, giving a glimpse into the lives of the many migrant workers here, early transnationalism and anarchism.

To find out more about the 1913 Strike Centenary events, have a read of the 1913 Strike web page.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Film Screening: The Wobblies

"Fire Your Boss!"... "Abolish the wage system!"

On the centenary of the Great Strike of 1913, we invite you to listen to the voices of the 'Industrial Workers of the World'. Started in 1905 under the motto “an injury to one is an injury to all, the IWW was the only union open to all trades and to men and to women; and the only union (past and present) to state it is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism.” 
An IWW branch was established in Wellington in 1907, and IWW members were involved in many of the early militant labour unions and struggles here, including the Great Strike.

The Wobblies (1979; Stewart Bird, Deborah Shaffer) provides an overview of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), complete with archival footage, loads of interviews, Wobbly art and songs.

Further information about events organised in Wellington to mark the 1913 Great Strike can be found here:

When: Friday, 18 October 2013
Where: People’s Cinema, 57 Manners St, Wellington
Time: 6.30pm 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

imminent rebellion

The latest edition of 'imminent rebellion' is here.  

Imminent Rebellion is an irregular anarchist journal published by Rebel Press. This issue includes:
  • ‘Pirates’ vs Pirates: Somalia through the eyes of a German court 
  • Lizard’s Revenge - action against BHP's uranium mine at Olympic Dam in South Australia
  • Loomio: Making self-organised governance convenient
  • The Trial - a description of the 'Urewera 4' trial
  • Never Ceded: An interview with Marianne Mackay
  • Hot and Hotter: The Sex Worker Freedom Festival
  • Up a Mighty River Without a Paddle
  • Unpicking Arcadia: Philip Josephs and early NZ anarchism
  • An Interview with the Kurdish Anarchist Forum
  • The Aftermath: The fight to save Glen Innes