Monday, 17 August 2009

The Freedom Shop is looking for a new Location

The Freedom Shop, your friendly local anarchist book store, is about to be homeless again and is looking for a new space in central Wellington.

Just in case you haven't met us yet: The Freedom shop stocks books on radical and alternative political literature, from books to zines, also patches, badges, t-shirts and music. Our stock includes books on Feminism, Anarchism, Social Movements, Ecology, Colonisation, Anti-Racism and many more. The Kaupapa of the Freedom Shop emphasises the aim to spread radical information and support DIY anarchist culture. We are fighting for a world free of oppression and coercion.

The Freedom Shop currently lives in Trades Hall on Vivian Street, but unfortunately we will have to leave these premises at the end of August. In the past we have shared a space with the internet cafe "Oblong" on Cuba Mall's Leftbank.

We are looking for a space in Wellington where we are able to have regular opening hours and display our fine radical stock. We would like to hear from any collectives, who either have a space or are also looking for a space to share with us.

As we are a not-for profit and entirely volunteer run collective, we can only contribute a small amount of money towards rent or alike. However, we are motivated collective members, who could help out with little jobs or do shifts in an alternative space that we would be sharing.
If you have any ideas or proposals about a new shop space for us or would like to have more information we would love to hear from you. Please contact us:

Phone 021-134 7182