Friday, 2 April 2021

Palmy Zinefest 10 April

The second Palmerston North Zinefest is coming up on Saturday, 10 April 21 from 11am to 4pm. After a fantatstic event at Snails Space last year, this year it's going to be at the City Library. The Freedom Shop will be among the 35 or so stall holders, so if you're in the area, make sure you come along.

On Sunday, there will also be a collage making workshop from 2-4pm.

Listen to Chris, one of the organisers, talk about zines and zine fests on Manawatu People's Radio here.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

What Labour’s new housing policy means for you

If you’re renting

It’s likely your rent will go up at the next opportunity. This may or may not be related to the policy changes, since landlords can raise the rent for any reason. Your rent may go up as a result of higher prices for potatoes as well. You didn’t really think that Labour designed this for you, did you?

If you’re owning your own home

This used to be pretty much the norm for most people over 30 in this country, but now it is considered a weird exception. Just go to an open home and check out how many other potential buyers are looking for a family home. Not many. For you, nothing will change because you will still only own one home. And you can’t sell it because in the time span between the sale going through and you buying another home, prices will have gone up so much that you won’t be able to afford it. So stay where you are and don’t rock the boat. And don’t lose your job.


If you own a rental property

Not much will change for you either because you can always recover lost income from tax deductions from your tenants. The Real Estate Institute has already threatened that: “Many landlords are likely to increase their rent in the coming years as they look to offset the costs”. With costs they mean income tax. 


If you own multiple investment properties

You probably already have all your properties in trusts where you don’t pay any taxes, or claim all of them as your own personal home, so not much changes for you. It’s unlikely that the government will send people around to check if you are actually living in any of these houses. After all, you’re a trustworthy capitalist. 


If you’re looking to buy a first home

Come on, really? Dream on. The First Home Grant and Loan scheme? You’ll have to earn the right amount, find a house for less than 60% of the average price and convince a bank to loan you 95% on it – how likely is that?


Saturday, 23 January 2021

Books by bell hooks

We have just received some hard-to-get books by the African-American feminist author bell hooks. Check them out:

(The books were shipped back in November and have spent two months in quarantine, so they are safe to read).

Sunday, 17 January 2021


Kia Ora and Happy New Year!

The Freedom Shop is back open on Saturdays and sometimes on Wednesdays (when we feel like it). We still have some Plan B diaries for 2021 ($10), so come in and get one or contact us, so you can plan the revolution.


Ōtaki Summer Camp is back! Three days of politics, discussion, speakers, music, bush, rivers and sea, in the beach community of Ōtaki, north of Wellington. Ōtaki Summer Camp is for people aged 17- 30 with an interest in politics, justice, anti-racism, equality and the environment. 22nd-25th Hānuere/January 2021.

Speakers include Behrouz Boochani, Laura O’Connell Rapira and Anjum Rahman.

There will be no stalls this year, but there will be a library that will include some books and zines from the Freedom Shop.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sweet Release pop up stall

We are having a one-day-only pop up stall at Sweet Release on:

Saturday the 19th of December 10am - 4pm.

Stock up on Christmas reading and gifting, then get some good vegan kai.

Our stock will include:
- Books: anarchy, anti-racism, decolonisation, radical histories, radical futures, climate action, veganism, you name it.
- 'Plan B' 2021 diaries
- Zines! So many radical zines
- Badges and patches
- Tote Bags


Tuesday, 8 December 2020

SUMMER BLESSING: Creative Workshops and Market

Wellington Zinefest presents Summer Blessing: a full day of creativity to manifest a season of inspiration and abundance.

Summer Blessing is our last event of the year, a pagan / solstice / folk-themed day of workshops and a zine market.

Come along from 10am to take part in our creation stations. You can learn to press flowers, make badges, screen print and harness the power of the sun with cyanotype. These sessions are low key, no reservations and they’ll be running simultaneously.

At 1.00 as the sun is high we will have a small market where you can swap and buy zines, art and spells from local zine makers, get your image in ink from Arden and pull a card or two.
Our market runs until 5.

We welcome you with open sketchbooks and invite you to bring your best energy as we respectfully nod to the celestial factors that keep our ball of dirt spinning.

Feel free to wear your special occasion robes and BYO drinks, runes, tarot cards and talismans.

Artwork by Darcy Woods.

Saturday, 12 December 2020 10am to 5pm

At the Newtown Community Hall, corner of Daniell St and Constable St, Newtown (note this is not the Newtown Community Centre on Rintoul St!).

The Freedom Shop will be running a screen printing workshop - We will have screens and a variety of pre-cut stencils, ready for printing. If you have an old shirt or bag you'd like to print on - bring it! Otherwise we'll have blank tote bags you can buy and print on for cheap. Hands on workshop - stop by whenever you can and try screen printing.

Kid-friendly and fun!

Monday, 23 November 2020

Radical Zine Series - Volume 1 Launch

Help celebrate and launch the first four Radical Zines re-designed and re-purposed in a collaboration between Wellington Zinefest and the Freedom Shop.

When: Thursday, 10 December at 6pm

Where: at the Freedom Shop - in Opportunities for Animals, 162 Riddiford St, Newtown

We selected classic zines from our archives for a creative reimagining. With the help of donors from a Boosted campaign, four local illustrators were commissioned to reimagine these relatively simple, text-heavy zines into fully illustrated beautiful works!

The radical zine redesign project has helped make the important ideas within these zines even more accessible. We'll be selling the redesigned texts and cheaply as possible so that we can share their learnings with as many people as possible.

The four zines are:
  • Are We All New Zealanders Now? by Dr Ani Mikaere, redesigned by Izzy Joy
  • "The Problem With White Saviours" by Simone Kaho, redesigned by Kata Brown
  • Rongoā by Emily Tuhi-Ao Bailey, redesigned by Jamie Terekia
  • The Tyranny of The Clock by George Woodcock, redesigned by George Naylor
On the night, we'll have the zines available for sale.

These four zines are the first volume in this series, but there will be a second round, too! On the evening we'll announce the next four zines to be re-designed, and together with ZineFest we'll be seeking more illustrators and designers to help bring to life to more classic and new zines.