Friday, 12 April 2019

Screen printing against fascism

Screen-print tee-shirts, share resources and kōrero - an afternoon making anti-racist and Muslim solidarity tshirts - from 3.30pm to 6.30 on Rāapa, 17 April at Thistle Hall.

Come hang out, screen print some t-shirts, have anti-racist kōrero, share resources and listen to music.

Peace Action Wellington and SOUL are hosting an afternoon making anti-racist and Muslim solidarity tshirts.

They will have stencil designs ready to screen-print but are also up for helping you make your own.
BYO blank t-shirts to print on but there will also be some available for a donation. There will also be posters and other resources to share.

When & Where: 3.30pm to 6.30 on Rāapa, 17 April at Thistle Hall

Friday, 22 March 2019

Fascism & the rise of the right

Racism is embedded in this country, NZ is built on racist violence. Racism is woven into the state and bred through communities.
Internationally white supremism is on the rise again and it is here. We have had fascist groups for a longtime but too many people tend to turn a blind eye to them. But we can't. Fascism cannot be tolerated.

Below are a few books that the Freedom Shop has on fighting fascism and the rise of the right.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Revolution in Rojava: Public Talk

Join us at 6pm on Friday 8th March at the Newtown Community & Cultural Centre to hear an eyewitness account of events on the frontline in Syria and Kurdistan.

Lachlan Spittles, who fought against ISIS as part of the People's Protection Units (the YPG) in Syrian Kurdistan, will be talking about the origins of the revolution in Rojava, the current state of the revolution and what we can do to help from here in Aotearoa.

A copy of the poster can be downloaded here: Rojava Public Talk.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Summer Reading

We received a new order of books at the Freedom Shop towards the end of last year, and of course, we still have some old favourites. Some of the titles include:
  • To Dare Imagining, Rojava Revolution by Dilar Dirik (Editor); David Levi Strauss (Editor); Michael Taussig (Editor); Peter Lamborn Wilson (Editor)
  • Struggles for Autonomy in Kurdistan by Eliza Egret (Author); Tom Anderson (Author)
  • Undoing Border Imperialism by Harsha Walia (Author); Andrea Smith (Introduction)
  • Rad Girls Can, Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women by Kate Schatz (Author); Miriam Klein Stahl (Illustrator)
  • The Antifa Comic Book, 100 Years of Fascism and Antifa Movements byGord Hill (Author); Mark Bray (Foreword)
  • The Post-Snowden Era by Kathleen Kuehn
  • Fair Borders? by David Hall (Editor)
  • The Quiet War on Asylum by Tracey Barnett
  • Doing Our Bit by Murdoch Stephens
  • The Stolen Island: Searching for ‘Ata by Scott Hamilton

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Xmas opening hours

In order to support all those of you who have been resisting the onslaught of capitalism in the build-up to the annual celebration of consumerism, but who have succumbed in the very last minute - we will forfeit some of our well-earned holiday time to extend the shop hours:

Thursday, 20 Dec: 2-5pm
Friday, 21 Dec: 2-5pm
Saturday, 22 Dec: 11-4pm
Monday, 24 Dec: 2-5pm

So make it worthwhile for us and come and buy stuff...

Sunday, 9 December 2018

SlingShot Organiser & Plan B 2019

We have Slingshots and also Plan B - the Freedom Shop's very own organiser for 2019!

Plan B is A5 size, 64 pages, full of interesting historic dates from Aotearoa, and costs $10.
 Slingshots are pocket-size (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches), 176 pages and costs $13

Sunday, 18 November 2018

"Codename Jenny" - film screening and discussion

So you think you're a radical activist. But do you have any idea what your parents were up to when they were your age?

"Jenny" finds out, just when the police are closing in on her and her friends. And she discovers that there's more connecting her to the alias she's chosen than she imagines.

Join us for a screening of "Codename Jenny" (Deckname Jenny) and a discussion about radical activism in today's world.

Friday, 7 December - 7pm at the Aro Valley Community Hall, Aro St.

For further info about the film: and for the trailer: CLICK ME